a fun and free haunted house for all ages in Spanish Fork, Utah

Dancing Ghosts Test

It may seem like things are quiet around here this time of year, but we are hard at work on the 2015 haunt! This is test footage for some new projection effects we are working on. My daughter has finally talked me into working with Adobe After Effects. It’s a steep learning curve, but the results are awesome! This dancing couple is an animation created in iClone, keyed over a still image of a ballroom with the glow effect and a few other things to make it spooky looking! How we will use this will be a secret, so you will have to come visit us to find out!

2014 Haunted Halloween Walkthrough

Take a look at our 2014 haunt! We had lots of fun! Stay tuned for information about our 2015 haunt!

Thanks For Another Fun Year!


Our 2014 haunt was a great success for us thanks to our wonderful fans! We estimate that we had about 3,000 visitors again this year. Many people had to wait in line up to an hour for the chance to go through our guided walk-through. Their patience and enthusiasm was heartwarming, even if their toes were a little cold! To show our gratitude, we worked hard to provide a great experience for everyone and we feel very good about our efforts. Each year we learn new things about our haunt and our visitors and we try to make it the best it can be! We look forward to making 2015 our best year yet!

The number of visitors to our walk-through seems to be limited only by our capacity to move people through. We know a lot of folks just couldn’t wait in line that long. We will look at ways to improve that, but at the same time, we don’t want to compromise the quality of the experience. It’s somewhat of a balancing act! Even if they couldn’t wait in line, we know many more people stopped by to enjoy our projection display and we want to extend our thanks to them too.

Many people ask why we don’t charge admission, but the purpose of this haunt is to provide memorable experiences for our family and others and you have helped us suceed beyond our wildest expectations. That is worth more to us than any amount of money!

Haunted Organ Scene Test

This is a quick video testing one of the cool new scenes in our 2014 haunt! Yes, I know there is no music! We are working on it!

Haunt Preparation!

In this video we bring you behind the scenes in our garage/halloween workshop so you can see what is going on!

Setting Up The Graveyard

This behind the scenes video shows how we set up the tombstones in our graveyard.

2014 Halloween House Projection Display

Check out our new house projection for 2014! This year’s show features some mind bending animations, original songs and lots of friends and neighbors cast as zombies! Of course, we will understand if you’d rather come see it in person!

Haunted Props From HalloweenCostumes.com

HalloweenCostumes.com sent us a gift box full of groovy props to use in our haunt. I take some time to review them. See if you can identify them when you come to visit our walkthrough!

Zombies Wanted!


Anyone who would like to star in our Halloween projection video for this year, please come to our house at 9:00 am on Saturday 9/13! We want to create a zombie apocalypse on our street! Come dressed like a zombie. (Please, nothing “R” rated. This is a family production!) We will have makeup on hand if you don’t have any. We are looking for zombies of all ages, so parents and grandparents are invited too! Use the map on our site to find us.

New Crypt Entrance Facade

Check out the new entrance to our walkthrough for 2014!