a fun and free haunted house for all ages in Spanish Fork, Utah

2016 Haunt Walk Through Video

Take a walk with us through our 2016 haunt!

The Pirate Village

Construction is complete on the pirate village! You can see the tops of the towers from the street over the pirate ship!

The Pirate Ship Is Finished!

Here it is in all it’s glory!

Animatronic Skeleton Pirate Captain

This skeleton pirate captain shouts orders to his ghostly crew!

Pirate Skeleton For The Deck Of The Ship

Technically the ship has no deck, but this fellow will at least look like he is standing on it.

2016 Halloween House Projection Live

This is what our house projection video will look like for 2016! Starting October 1st, We will run this show from dusk until about 10 pm. It’s even more awesome in person, so we hope you stop by to check it out!

2016 Pirate Ship In Progress

Check out the work we have done so far on our pirate ship for this year!

Dates & Times For Our 2016 Haunt!


This year’s haunt will be open to the public on

October 26, 27, 28, 29, and 31 from 7:00 to 9:30 pm!

Please note that we will keep going as late as there are people in line each night. To avoid long lines you might get there a little early or wait until near closing time.

Location: 1641 S Oak View Lane, Spanish Fork, Utah 84660. Click here for directions

Animatronic Pirate Parrot

We use some electronic magic to turn a toy into an animatronic pirate parrot!

The Return Of The Kicking Legs!

The kicking legs prop broke last year so we couldn’t include it in the haunt. Here’s how we fixed it for this year!